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This games sucks.

There's many little things I can pick at this game, but I don't have the time to bish about eet.

One major thing about this game that made meh irritated was the amount of lag/luck in the game. Doesn't matter how many times you shoot the guy they dont seem to go down, either I have lousy aim, or he lags leik there's no tomorrow.

One moment in the game where I shot a guy with a shotgun five times in ther back and didn't go down leik he was wearing tank leik armor, or I'm guessing lagging issues. He turned around after I used all my shells and shot meh in the chest which ended in a one hit kill. I know that some of you would think "oh, maybe he's a higher level then you with better armor"... he was about the same level as meh.

The armor quality in the game ish leik wearing paper head to toe. I felt leik i was wasting my in-game moneh by buying "better" armor to get a better percentage in my survival, but ended quickly when I bought a sturdy helmet and mask that boosted my protection by %30 each for both, which makes %60 in total, that someone ended my life in 2 seconds by shooting one bullet to the shoulder in another one hit kill.

That ends my little rant about this game and this game ish going to get the axe soon. eet made meh wanna go back to GunZ to all the fun times i had there than combat arms.

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