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Rivertrend is on a distinguished road
IGN: SuperShine <--I dunt know
Class: Coon :3 to_cardmaster
Level: 91+
Guild: None YET!

Forum Name:Rivertrend
In-Game Name:SuperShine
Game Applying For:Trickster Online
Most Active Channel/Server In Game:Rubeh
Current Level:91 and still finding a good place to grind
Class:Pure HV coon <3
Time Zone/Location:Currently Residing in Philippines but in one year will move to Australia <3
Your Available Days and Hours for Game Play:Mostly 5hours each day >.>;

Haha Hope You Accept Me In Your Guild <3

Edit: I needa cancel my recruitment thingy since ym sis needs me to join her guild x.x But keep a spot for me since ill come back :] So yeah sorry the trouble

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