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Default One Rough Month

Ugh... this month has been pretty tough on me. First, I've been having family problems, my mom for one thinks that I'm not good enough and that I can't live up to her expectations, because I'm not as good and sweet as my brothers and my friends and my dad thinks I'm just a "sack of crap". Then my band disbanded over miss communication and now I have to look for a new drummer. Then I found out that one of my closest friends, Gary, actually was just using me and is very shady. Then I got into a fight with my friend Tony and now we aren't really on speaking terms. I really don't know what I did to deserve this. Gary said that he thought he was better than me and that I was dragging him down in our band and that I put to much stress into the band (which I do) and that I was taking to much charge. Then my friend Tony got mad at me because Gary was mad. Then I began to realize that I have some feelings for one of my friends and I think I'm Bi.

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