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Originally Posted by RacerX
lol I knew you would post this up Naty XD

To be honest Im not looking forward to the first batch of S ranks as (Freedom, Justice, Providence, God).

What I am more interested in are some AS ranks (like ZZ enhanced), new gacha (gacha 27 and also new C ranks), new missions/maps, and also the battleship function.

If I do have to guess a date then it will probably be September. SDGO TW started in March, so 6 months for S ranks isnt unreasonable. Lots of people seem to forget that it took K 3 years to get to where they are today. Then they just release on average 1-2 S ranks each update.

WOAH! SDGO TW was released THIS march?? 2009? I thought it was an old game... Well I mean the TW version..but oh well, that explains why not much people have super high ranks yet @_@ i thought they just arent addicted enough lol XD

Edit: Oh btw, BATTLE SHIP THINGY AWESOME! Is that like changing suits while FIGHTING? That sounds like pokemon, only better XD First u use something crappy and then u go Domon style and snap ur fingers and shout "SHINING GUNDAM!" LOL

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