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Default Food is recruiting!

Recruiting people for Food, young guild reaching to become big and known!

Food aims to have people that like to hang out, do stages, P.v.P and or just help others! We want to expand but we do not want jerks, scammers or even start to get a bad reputation. Courteous, active people are welcome to Food at any time. There is no level requirement but I don't want people randomly joining that are inactive.

Food is in its small phases but, we look forward toward a big expansion, with great people.The few people (not all are same) are fair, active, and cool. You can join by posting or try meeting us in game: Xirge , Eathycahn or Nbtd.

We have a guild site opened here
Current Stats-
Members: 66
Level: 7
Personal Shop
Transportation Stamps
Active members usually: 7+ but we sometimes get up to 10+

Below is just how we came up with this guild name, for those who are curious and our rank info! I will update the thread every 3 days or so.

When I started to gain experience and loneliness, I trying making a guild. I tried getting an awesome EPIC name, I failed. All this thinking made me hungry, Food! I have found a great guild name of liking. I met people, made them friends, invited them or they wanted to join, in the end we started growing!

Most of our ranks are named after random objects (We promote good health :xd: )

Master- El Pollo Loco: Sure you heard of this place, mexican-texican food its grilled chicken yum!
Elder- Green Apple: You know this, sour, yet distinctly unique!
Junior- Mcchicken: This burger for Mcdonalds, we would have named it BigMac but that sounds to authoritative.
Rookie- Pizza: Imagine all those topping yum...!
New to guild person- Slushie: Lol, shaved ice or ice with flavoring :=p:

Our Guild Logo- Our guild logo, we probably alternate each 2-3 months. Our current one involves Rice,Salmon,and good tasty soup.

Well, if you read this hope you join! Uhg... I became hungry making this, hope you also became hungry! Wish us luck
I need one

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