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It’s coming...

Coming July 2nd - Luna Online’s First Major Content Update!

Luna Online is the most social MMORPG around. That’s right! Its’ a game for the people, by the people! That sounds pretty patriotic to us, and the 4th of July is the most patriotic day of the year. So naturally, Luna Online is doing it up right!

Starting on July 2nd, Luna Online will start celebrating early by introducing lots of amazing new features to the game we all love!

•New Level Cap: 80 – You’ve been waiting for it and it’s finally here! Continue your Luna Online adventure with 20 new levels of content!
•3 New Maps: Howling Ravine, Howling Caves 1F, Howling Caves 2F – Explore a brand new zone and a dangerous new dungeon to overcome their many challenges.
•4th Job Class – Customize your character by completing your 3rd job change! Become a Gladiator, Warlock, Assassin, and more!
•New Skills – Harness powerful new skills and abilities or improve the spells you already have.
•New Premium Item Shop Buffs – Powerful new power-ups arrive in the Luna Online Item Shop to give you a competitive edge.
•Summer Costumes – Grab a cool drink and relax poolside with new costumes only available during the summer.
•4th of July Event – A brand new, exclusive in-game event featuring new content, items, and more!
This is Luna’s biggest update yet, and it’s only the beginning! Log in now and get ready to experience the next chapter of Luna Online!
I cant wait for 4th jobs and the new event. Im gona go priest... but then again i think so is everyone else >_<
<(^_^<) ^(^_^)^ (>^_^)>

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