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^ Reschedule? All vets should be present. All active ones, as of now. lul. Plus, Enduring Melody/Shining Ballad would be real nice to have, along with a trooper tanking. Mori. >:

I can take the place of tank, but I suck at tanking, Tea can take the role of buffing with vincent etc, but..????? FG seems hard, and we might need all the members we have. I've seen a video of it ^_~
YouTube - LC Gate of Flame Raid 9-6-08

So, we're doing it without Mori? I /should/ be able to come, unless something happens o:

+ We need 1 more orb. I'm not going to Hellbreaker unless I have enough keys again, so yeah. :|

P.S What is this "abuse on next day"?? Holidays end this week, and your Next Day -> Sunday = Monday for me = School \o\ *flees*

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