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Originally Posted by Azusa
You have no idea how creeped out and amused I am right now.
Im guessing very

Originally Posted by Fayt
My turn

LaTale IGN(s): Aurelius.
Real Name: Barry.
Nicknames: Aure, B, Eli o.o. Barryfluffy
Birthday: January 24, 1989.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening to music, and besides walking around the neighborhood and exploring the city...I think that's it. ._.
Timezone/Place: Eastern Standard (Gmt -5)/New York
Favourites: Well, I enjoy most rock music, my favorite band is Pillar, I like watching The Teen Titans and well as Bleach. I also like watching reality shows like Survivor. I love most fantasy novels, I love potato and egg salad a lot. Also, I love to eat Ziti. I have a strong preference to orange soda as well.
Dreams/ Future Goals: Firstly, I dream of getting a chance to beat the crap out of my older brother. Mainly I want to be a journalist when I grow up.
Bio/ Other things about you: My email address explains it best; I'm more of a lone wolf kind of person. I'm also pretty quiet, shy, and incredibly wary and discerning of people. I probably help out people more than I help myself. I think I'm also more of a 'y so serious' type, although most people most likely won't see the that side of me very often. Also, I HATE selfish people with a my brother. I do like to laugh and joke alot so don't be afraid to let loose, lol. I can be competitve a times...don't expect to win so easily though. =p Umm...I'm not so good at these kind of game wise, I love most role playing games, some of my favorites would be Persona 3 & 4, The World Ends With You, and the Ar Tonelico series. I also like talking about things that I'm passionate about.
Hi, I add own nickname.

Oh right, I also got a MSN.

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