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@Mega: You shouldn't have rewatched season 1 of Haruhi. That was the stupidest thing to do. Why? Because Season 2 is mixed in with Season 1. This time it is all in chronological order instead of random order. So now when you watch Season 2, you have to watch Season 1 all over again in the process, or skip all the rerun eps (which might make the time flow feel unnatural, but you are probably used to that).

@Yoba: I think I talked to you about Natsume already. Take it slowly. Watch one ep of Natsume in between other anime, or when you have a little free time. It isn't the kind of anime to watch in one run. So go watch Nanoha nao!

And Shana is awesome, one of my favourite anime. You are crazy to not like it. (Actually watch it first before making a decision off only one ep).

@Mega: Asura Cryin' is crap. (Though I will admit I was the wrong audience. I wanted a romance story involving a childhood friend ghost, and I got giant robots instead. I felt very... betrayed by the anime descriptions.) Take Shana or Lucky Star instead. Both are good. I'd say focus on Shana, and watch a little Lucky Star in between.

Speaking of Romance, Hatsukoi Limited (currently airing) is very good. I was a little reluctant at first, because it seemed episodic, but everything is connected well.

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