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Default I really need help writing something.

hello. I've been trying to make get this story finished for a really long time, and I've got a good idea of where I want it to go, but I haven't been able to get past this point. I'm stuck and I don't know how to move forward on this. any help would be greatly appreciated. thankyou

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////////////////////////////////////////--The Script--//////////////////////////////////////

*Screen is black, Two figures appear.*

STATIC : It's time, right? Are you ready?

MatrixGuardian: We no longer have time. The darkness has rooted into this world far too deep. He has already carved such a baneful scar into these lives.

STATIC: ...Yeah...Well I have to hurry. The wave fluctuations are getting wider. We definitely found him again.

MatrixGuardian: Make haste. I pray we still have time.

*Both figures teleport out, screen becomes the intro*

*You see planetman fighting a boss in a stage. Planetman appears to be doing no damage and barely dodging the incoming attacks. He retreats*

Planetman: (Wow this has to be the boss of the area. I'm going to need some help taking this guy down.)

Planetman: Can anyone in the area help me kill Rotem Guardian?

Random Player1: AHAHHAHA you can't solo the first boss??? what a n00b!!

Chris: Sure I'll help. I can't seem to solo the boss either.

*Chris groups up with Planetman. He begins checking his equipment and items to prepare for the fight*

Random Player1: AHAHAHA another n00b! This must be n00bsville I'm out of here!!!

Planetman: Geez what was the deal with that guy?

Chris: I don't know just some random idiot. Are you new here?

Planetman: Yea I just came to this world yesterday. MY name is Planetman, What's yours?

Chris: I go by Chris. It's nice to meet you. It is pretty impressive that you are already this strong after just one day! Don't be discouraged about that clown though, most people in this world are friendly and helpful.

Planetman: That's great to hear! Though I have to say what has been making me uneasy is all this talk about hackers. If what people say is true, wouldn't the GMs just remove them from this world?

Chris: GMs? No one has ever proven they really exist.

Planetman: Well if they don't exist where did we come from?

Chris: No one really knows, but many believe that the GMs never existed or perhaps we have just become derelicts. The hackers seem to be able to run wild, while all we can do is pray to the Godess Lunia for her support.

Planetman: What are the hackers doing?

Chris: Many things. Just yesterday I saw someone trying to sell ancient weapons that he claims were once used by the GMs long ago. I've never seen anything so powerful. Of course that isn't enough to just shout out hacker but he was only level 3. Level 99s have yet to find anything as amazing.

Planetman: well I guess that pretty much guarantees that he was a hacker then.

Chris: Yeah, there's no doubt.

*Chris finishes preparing*

Chris: Alright I'm ready let's show this guy who the real boss is.

Planetman: Yeah! Let's go!

*The group battles with the Rotem Guardian and defeat him*

Planetman: *Huff HUff*

Chris: Here I'll cast a healing spell on you. Also, take this relic here it'll make you stronger in the future, just hold on to it.

Planetman: Wow thanks, I had no idea you could heal. *DingDIng* Oh I got two new skills! I want to go try these out in the practice arena. Thanks for the help, cya!

Chris: Alright man, no problem. Have a good one.

*Planetman teleports out. Chris walks over to Rotem Guardian's weapon. He gets a drop of blood that was from a small wound Planetman received. He drips it into a crest and it lights up.

Chris: Yup I was right.

*Screen fades out*

*Fades into Planetman dueling in arena. Planetman is about to be defeated.*

Stamon: What is someone of such a low skill level thinking to challenge me. Don't you know who I am fool?

Planetman: Uhh no... I just wanted to test out my new skills. Isn't this match just for fun?

Stamon: WHAT??? FUN??? This is a ladder match kid... Wait what? You don't know who I am? Are you bluffing? This is a joke, this is too rediculous!

Planetman: No dude this is the practice arena, and I really don't know who you are.

Stamon: Haha practice arena. What a bluff! You want to trick me into leaving and throwing the match. Well that won't work. I won't fall for it kid, I am a professional arena master. I am rank 1 on the pvp ladder. You should just accept your defeat at the hands of a true master. Your attempts at deception are pathetic.

Planetman: Okay, o` great Mr. Stamon. Then what is that gigantic sign right there with "PRACTICE ARENA" written on it?

Stamon:..........WHAT??!?!?!?!? How can this be!!! How can the great Stamon make such a novice mistake. No this is below novice. This is a newbie mistake! No one can know about this... Yes, I am going to have to really kill you. I can't let you tell anyone. If this is the practice arena then you must be an NPC. Prepare thyself for thy death. I will make it quick, young one.

Planetman: Whoa hold on dude, you don't need to be so serious. I promise I won't tell a soul.

Stamon: No you must die. Farewell.

Planetman: ****!

*Stamon blasts Planetman with a very powerful looking ability. Planetman appears to have been killed when suddenly angel wings of light begin flashing and disappearing on his back. They vanish and he regains consciousness, stands up.*

Stamon: HOLY CRAP! one of those hackers aren't you??? Yes! It all makes sense now. This really wasn't a practice arena, I knew it. You hacked that sign into here to fool me! I swore a vow to the goddess of Lunia that I will defeat your kind and restore a righteous balance to the world. You will pay for your crimes cretin.

Planetman: (Um what just happened? I thought I was dead... I was wasn't I? But why am I alive again. *Sees Stamon rushing towards* This guy is going to kill me... again... What do I do???

Planetman: Wait! hold on.

Stamon: I will not listen to your evil tongue cretin. Bow down and die with honor.

Planetman: No no, it's ok really. I am dead. Definitely dead. I am a zombie now. You did your job.

Stamon: Fool, I know there is no such thing as zombies. Now die!

Planetman: (Dammit I'm out of ideas... I don't want to die!)

*A bright flash occurs. A tornado appears out of Planetman and shoots Stamon away into the sky.*

Planetman: Oh.....Okay....

*Congratulations!. You win the match Planetman. Ranking will not change in practice arena, please play ladder matches if you wish to increase your ranking. You will now be teleported back to the square. Error. Teleportation error code 2a9000000012 Location Not found error."

*Code begins scrolling on the screen really fast. Screen begins to flash a deep red. Goes black, reappears slightly distorted and wavy. Planetman sees a silhouette walking towards.

Planetman: What's going on?? Stamon is that you?

*The character appears before Planetman with a strange mask*

Hacker: Yeah it was definitely here. That was a strong distortion in the code. This one is unique, I haven't seen anything like it yet. Very interesting. You did it right? Who is your user.

Planetman: User?...Who are you? Man I just wanted to try my new skills in a practice match. why can't I teleport back to the square? This is getting rediculous.

Hacker: Huh? So you don't have a user? Let me see... You don't have a memory bank either? Character name "Planetman" Sounds like a retard made that, is it a fake account? You must have a user, who are you?

Planetman: How did you get in here and why do you look so weird? Why is your voice so strange? Are you a GM?

Hacker: Okay that definitely did not answer my question...Well I'm sure you know where we are going now. Beam us up Scotty hahahaha.

*A light beam of light flashes on the two characters. They suddenly appear in a dark and bland but evilish looking zone.*

Hacker: Welcome! To Suspendedland. Where your dreams of eternal life come true! In this sacred realm you will find not only eternal life but eternal happiness! Just look how happy these people are! It's amazing!

Planetman: (Wow too bad Stamon isn't here. This would have convinced him zombies are real.)

Planetman: These guys really look the opposite of happy to me... Why are there so many people here?

Hacker: You really don't know? This is the land where all the naughty people like me go to spend eternity. With no escape and no future it makes for an excellent vacation site. Unfortunately for you I've obtained the power to control this zone. In a way we can call this my little private dungeon. You asked about my sweet voice too right? It's this mask I programmed in.

*Takes mask off, and voice becomes normal*

Hacker: Pretty awesome right? I bet you want one. I'll sell you a copy for 500 gold.

Planetman: Well I'm new here I only have 2 gold.

Hacker: Ah man er..

*Puts mask back on*

Hacker: Ah man I don't need gold you moron. I have infinite gold!!! I'd never sell my mask. This is my private mask, just like this is my private dungeon. You can not have either. You do not appreciate true art, do you?? Well whatever, enjoy your stay Planetman! Tah tah.

*Hacker teleports out as he waves at Planetman*

*The zombie-ish people begin to slow limp away into the darkness.

Planetman: ...Well I have no idea what to do ...

*Planetman noticed the relic Chris gave him begins to shine. Chris suddenly teleports next to Planetman*

Planetman: Oh, hey Chris did he get you too?

Chris: Good I'm in the right place.

Planetman: No, I really don't think you want to be here... This looks really boring.

Chris: The relic I gave you allowed me to teleport to you, I just used that when I noticed you vanished from the world.

Planetman: Whoa, hey. Are you stalking me? I'm not into that kind of thing you know?

Chris: Well let me explain what is going on. First, my name isn't chris. It's static.

Planetman: ... You told me it was Chris before. That's why I called you...

Static: Yeah yeah I know, I lied to you.

Planetman: How do I know you aren't lying now?

Static: Geez just shut up and listen.

Static: Have you not realized that you do not have a user?

Planetman: A user?

Static: Wow didn't they put anything in your memory bank... Most warriors in this world have a corresponding user from another world. But there are some that only live in this world. Those people are often found running shops, and giving out quests to the warriors. They are referred to as NPC. We both are NPC. Do you understand?

Planetman: I guess so... but what is the difference between us and the people with a user?

Static: Basically one connected to a user can only die if the user dies in the other world or if he bends the rules of this universe too far. Us NPC can actually die in this world, but we are allowed to bend and break the rules with more flexibility.

Static: We were both created to stop the group of hackers that are currently destroying our world. They are with users that have somehow tapped into far more power than they should be able to accumulate. Some of them have grown stronger than any NPC and the GMS. This immense power has allowed them to survive while breaking the rules of our universe as they see fit.

Planetman: So the GMs exist?

Static: Yes but by now they are rendered nearly helpless. The hackers have completely isolated their powers and have taken over this world. This is why we were put here. Long ago the GMs created a being called the Matrix Guardian. This being was granted powers to restore the world and abolish evil if the GMs were to some how be lost.

Planetman: Then why is This Matrix Guardian creating us instead of dealing with the problem himself.

Static: Herself you mean. And she wasn't given the ability to fight in this world in case she for some reason became the evil. She used her remaining power to create you. You have the ability to develop a near infinite amount of power but her strength was depleted and she could not grant you any skills or knowledge.
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