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I guess since Sam posted hers...

LaTale IGN(s): xdgr, Choices, Nerune
Real Name: Tony
Nicknames: xdgr, dgr, fail patch (according to sam..), Tony the tiger.. ironically my favorite animal is a lion though.
Birthday: 7/23/92
Messenger: MSN - AIM - enyceezliltony (don't really use it since it was 7 years old or so)
Hobbies: Waiting at the train station because I cannot drive, Latale, teevee, badminton, handball, on some occassions I draw, I also make sure I exercise at least 3 times a day. I also like bike riding.. and I go to some computer store and help build pc's for volunteer credits. :U
But most of all I love hanging out with Samanthaaaaaaa <3
Timezone/Place: GMT -5, In NY.
Favourites: Samantha is my favorite person, best girlfriend in the worldddddddd~ /brags
I have no particular favorite type of music but I like good beats. I have a variety of R&B and techno, some trance and k/j/c pop (if that made any sense for anyone). I love spicy tuna the most, but I also love chow mein and stuff that involves pasta/noodles. Viet grilled chicken are also oishii, and if not that I'd add them into a salad. `-` I don't really read stuff but I read magazines like Popular Science in my school's library at times. I laugh kind of easy so you might find me laughing or making jokes about a lot of things at times. My favorite game series are God of War, Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, Touhou (not much danmaku though), osu, and Disgaea, but I like Latale and Shattered Galaxy as mmo's. I'm a type of guy who's quick with his hands, so you might find me spinning stuff like chopsticks, pens or something with my fingers at times. Sorry if this was kind of long to read.
Dreams/ Future Goals: The only thing I can say I'd want to do is make the girl I love happy and feel loved. If not that, I suppose I would want to be a game designer some day to get good pay. I want to make my family, friends and loved ones safe. And I suppose I want to make myself a better person mentally and physically.
Bio/ Other things about you: I guess my mood shifts a lot lately.. but when I think about it, it just changes accordingly with Samantha and how she is. I guess I'm truly a bipolar person.. even then I hold true to my ideas, but then again my memory is quite bad too..

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