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Serec will become famous soon enoughSerec will become famous soon enough
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IGN: Scene
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Level: 80
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LaTale IGN(s): Scene
Real Name: Chau(Chau)
Nicknames: Chau Mein, Chowder, Chauie, Chauster--Anything that has Chau in the beginning.
Birthday: August 2nd
Messenger: AIM and MSN, don't really use them anymore.
Hobbies: I used to skateboard, but my board became too small for me and I was too lazy to nag my parents to get me a bigger one. Plus, I would burn a hole in my parents' wallet because I would always rip my shoes. I like to watch anime, play games, go to the mall and theaters, typical teen stuff.
Timezone/Place: California. PST, I guess.
Favourites: I really like sweet things. I remember back in 7th-8th grade, I would only eat cereal because it was so Sweet, but then I realized that it was unhealthy and I was gettomg really skinny so I started eating regularly again. Like most of the people here, I like cute things as well. ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS <3. I'm starting to like hot pockets now..I'm more interested in cute and innocent-looking girls. :3 I like skinny jeans. The list goes on..
Dreams/ Future Goals: My goal right now is to get to college, afterwards, I plan on working at a great job and have my own family. LOL, this reminds me of elementary school days~
Bio/ Other things about you: I'm a pretty well-rounded kid. I think I'm pretty down to earth. I really like playing around with kids and toddlers. I'm not really into the drugs and alcoho. probably have some alcohol once in a blue moon on special occasions.
OH, and have I mentioned I am Asian!? 8D