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+11 Guitar finally orz
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Cupcake is a name known to allCupcake is a name known to allCupcake is a name known to allCupcake is a name known to allCupcake is a name known to allCupcake is a name known to all
IGN: Kumacakes
Class: Bard lt_bard
Level: the only Lv194 kumacakes in the server
Guild: ShiningRay

Ah luls I should do this `-`

LaTale IGN(s): Kumacakes
Real Name: Samantha
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, Sammich, Kuma, KumaSutra, Kumcakes, Kumkum, Kumacave... Q_Q;
Birthday: 01/16/1990
Messenger: msn:
Hobbies: Taking an hour train ride to Brooklyn because I'm afraid of driving, doodling chibi's of Kuma, blowing up valk guitars, sitting around talking to friends because I'm a lazy bum, sleeping, attempting-not-really to learn canto.
Timezone/Place: EST (GMT -5) ~ I live in NY `-`
Favourites: CUTE AND/OR SHINY THINGS (oh and Tony of course kekeke). ..... `-` I like spicy tuna maki (sushi roll) and takoyaki and kimchi and basically anything else delicious and/or spicy. I don't really watch much TV anymore, but I do turn into nerd mode whenever I'm at work (I work at a library) so I actually have read a lot of books...I love romantic comedies Q_Q;; Speaking of that, My Girl is perhaps my favorite kdrama of all time. My favorite non-MMO is probably any variation of FFT (Final Fantasy Tactics), whether it be FFT, FFTA, or FFTA2. For some reason those games alone can hold my interest foreverrr Q____Q;; mmm tactical RPGS. OH and cute stuff.
Dreams/ Future Goals: to not be such a hikki anymore Q_Q;; lolol hmm...I unno, I guess in terms of latale, getting to 150+ would be nice, along with a +10 Valkyrie Guitar (currently at +9 ..Q_Q;; ). IRL I'd say to become more confident in myself and...GET A HAIRCUT FINALLY LOL
Bio/ Other things about you: According to the general population, I look like a small, white loli. To be technical, I'm actually 19 and I am Italian/Irish. I also like to use Q_Q and `-` a lot, so I hope you don't get annoyed by that...and if you do, well..tough cookies `-`;; kekeke.