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Clinx is on a distinguished road
IGN: Clinx
Class: Wizard lt_bard
Level: 26
Guild: FrenchBread

LaTale IGN: Meise, or Clinx :O
Real Name: Ha Tran
Nicknames: Emem
Hobbies: Teh computar I sit in front of o-o
Favorites : I like graysih cloudy days. I hate the heat. I only like the good parts of life. (especially latale I can't even level for myself -_-") I like dogs. I have a black collie dog. Um I like Yogurt, and I think the Magician skills for water is so homo o-o
Dreams: I wish to I had the ability fly.
Bio/ Other things about you: I am Viet :O um I used to live in the Philippines until I moved here in December 12. My Airplane ride eva :O