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well in my yuki days i use to go fist. but then it was like while fist is nice to have and stuff, sometimes getting it in at close range can be annoying like in 6-10 and such. A nice meteor is a fast and very satisfying solution to a huge mob as you can get in there and ice rain them and other stuff afterward. Idk meteor always felt satisfying to me. In pvp though i'd say fist for lower cd though meteor does have its perks as well. In myth fist is probs better since mobs cant really do much to defend as they're just pushed and spammed. Also rigel tends to dragon a lot so meteor gives you something to toss in while you wait for it to clear. I always prefer a meteor yuki in staging tho cause of the area it covers. fist is moar dps tho but think about how often you'll be using it.

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