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I'm guessing the rarest thing I have is the Cloak Shrapnel? I only have 2; I got the second like, 3 days after the first...

I did manage to get a Pink Aquarr with +10 Luck, but that isn't rare at all, is it?

I have a feeling the RNG hates my guts. I've failed almost every emoticon guidebook I've gotten. The RNG just LOVES to make the books drop like there's no tomorrow, then make me fail all of them. They were all "Normal" difficulty books too. Ahhh...I love my life =.=

p.s. I managed to pass a Scissor Guidebook on my first try, but only after I said "if I pass this, I'm gonna go buy lottery". When it passed, I was like, "oh s***. I'm sooooo not buying the darn lottery".
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