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Elii, don't be stupid.

1 PvP match gets you level10. Trial forest gets you level6....

YES, this is a bGC pruvate server
YES, there are guilds
YES, the exp rate is 70x
YES, swapping is allowed
NO, there are no hackers only macroers who use it and STILL suck with DA
NO, you don't have to go through barriers/etc cause the freaking download section is labeled DOWNLOAD and the parts are labeled PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PATCH LAUNCHER. THE WEBSHOP IS CLEARLY LOCATED AND EVERYDAY YOU LOG IN YOU GET 3k CASH.

Roy is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiit mad. Cause some nub is aim hacking on Extra Mini game archer D:<!... Well not hacking but he keeps beating me!

And Kowiz wouldn't be able to do crap. This server has good defenses. Not 1 hacker has EVER been reported. The hacker report section is clear and crisp.

But the damn !LM! guild freaking dual boxes. ALL their members have over 90% win rate and all lvl75's. I saw a guy join !LM! and he had a level47. The next day he had all lvl75's. This is impossible without swapping. And his win rate went from 47% to 93%.
Garbage gets treated like garbage.

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