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- The excess of grammatical errors within the storyline or NPC conversation.
- The storyline itself. I don't know much about anime of MMOs, but it seems to be pretty ****ing formulaic.
- The fart emoticon and dung hats and the fact that people buy them.
- Censoring, mostly for the fact that the word "Jew" is censored. Anti-Semites. God.
- The fact shotaro hats are not mandatory.
- When I make a nice Mine-Sprigganless zone in Forest Mine Lvl. 7 where they are all the platforms on the left side and I can mine in peace and someone comes in and kills them to mine on their own not realizing that it would just be easier if we shared all the rocks on the right side and invariably all the spriggans and rocks end up on the bottom level and the other guy ****s off to a different channel and I'm stuck trying to get back to where I was before and lose a half hour of time and money because of their dumb asses.
- People I don't like trying to follow me around and start inane conversation.
- People in general.
- Buddy Chat
- Dotnuri
What up.