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Default [Mari] Wish

Leader: Asplode
Officer: Rakusu
Level 5 - up to 250 members

Our only requirements are that you are social, mature and active!

Guild Stone;

Our guild stone is found west of Dunbarton, south of the moon gate.

About Wish;

Wish was formed in open beta, making it one of Mari's earlier guilds.
Our guild members are very social and helpful.
We do a lot of guild dungeon runs.
No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, you'll find friends in Wish.
Wish is on a recruiting binge! We are hungry for members. If you're interested in joining, read below.

Joining Wish;

There are a couple of ways to go about joining Wish -

1) Apply at the guild stone, and try to meet up with Asplode or Rakusu in-game, or
2) Meet up with Asplode or Rakusu and tell them you'd like to join.

Looking forward to seeing some new faces!


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