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Ahhhh Im so behind. Like I said, the last set I bought anything from was way back in Morning Dawn, and even then, was only a handful of packs e_e


Ive always been more of a casual player :/ I never liked going to official places. So like... my decks always had cards that werent allowed lol

Tokens and +1/+1 counters dont bother me. I've played plenty creatures that were token spawners, or sat on hoards of +1/+1 counters like a pile of treasure. One that comes to mind immediately is Timberwatch Elf abuse, though those were 'until the end of turn' deals. That was fun during lunch periods~ My friends hated it, especially once I got 3~4 of the damn things out, with all sorts of other elves littering my side lol.

'Then why dont you kill it?'

'I cant right now!'

'Tough luck'

Not my fault I played cheap shit and you've got to wait 174517451 turns to finally draw enough mana to play anything.

I miss those days ;-; Cards just collect dust now.