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Originally Posted by Zephy
Funny how a certain topic leads to a discussion about Magic: The Gathering cards in this forum. >.>

Here's Karrthus, Tyrants of Jund

Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund (Alara Reborn)

No wonder I couldnt find it. You mispelled it that first time lol. I was about to say that was a sexy picture, until I took a closer look at the pose. Twisted kind of.. weird... and unnaturally :/

Kind of handy if your opponent uses dragon types :x Snatch! Permanently? It doesnt say til end of turn lol. Other than that, kind of a mediocre flier.

How old is that set? This year? That Dragon Broodmother card is sexy. Go enough turns and build up enough tokens to use devour to contribute to new tokens lolol.

ARGH. Now I wanna track down Sliver cards. Slivers are fun, but the good Slivers are so hard to get.

Poor beanie *Pet pet*