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Texture Codes:

C017: Blue/Red Dragon Set
C019: Spring Set
C025: Pirate Set
C040: ???? (idk sorry, Chinese Dynasty i guess?)
C041: Android Set
C042: ???? (not installed on english lunia yet)
C056: Samurai Set

Also a side note, Some Cash Items are shared by other characters.
Yuki shares Eir's.
Arien shares Tia's.
Lime Shares Sieg's. (I think)

When changing the appearance, for example, changing Yuki, you have to take:
+Eir's body, legs, feet, and gloves.
+Yuki's weapon and hair. (Since yuki has a different face and weapon)
+Yuki's skinmeshes.

Also, items such as back, lower, ect1, are located in Mapping>CashItem folder. All characters share this. (Also in this folder is the Transformer Set)
The skinmeshes for these are located in the regular spot for skinmeshes. Animation>Player>'Character'


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