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I think I got the solution, though I haven't tested it out myself. The .sbf files are essentially a list of labels and files, assigning one file to each label. Lunia doesn't use the filenames directly, but uses these labels instead, probably for programmers' convenience. The old special character voices have only one file listed in its .sbf file. So there's only one label Lunia refers to every time you do a voice chat command. So in order to support the new voices, in addition to the .sbf file change, you'll need to update the file Lunia uses to assign each combination to a sound. This file is:


When looking through that file, you see that every time you see a "ChatSound", the number 10 is assigned as its value, meaning that the same sound will be used for every voice chat. Change these numbers to their according values, then, together with the updated .sbf file, it should work.

So the minimum that should be done to make the voice chats work is:
- Update \Lunia\UI2\\Quick\VoiceChat\[Character]\VoiceChatInfos.xml for each character.
- Update \Lunia\Sounds\Voice[Character]Chat.sbf
- Add the new voice chat files.