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AnnabelleMarie is just really niceAnnabelleMarie is just really niceAnnabelleMarie is just really niceAnnabelleMarie is just really niceAnnabelleMarie is just really nice
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Smile Dango Guild - Recruitment Info

Dango Daikazoku!
(Dango Family)

Leader: Annabelle

Total Members: 117/250

Member Status:67/250

Mules Status: 50/250

Words From the Leader:
What exactly is Dango all about? Some say its a life skill guild others say its a bunch of weird people.
Ask any current Dango member who we are and each reply will be different and unique but.. One thing is for sure Dango is here to stay till the end.

For those looking for a welcoming home come join because no matter who you are there is always a place for u here at the Dango Family.

Dango Goal
Here at the Dango Guild our goal is to be one of the friendliest guilds around. We offer a few things to help you and each other.
*Guild Dungeon Runs - For those times you wish to lvl or get some gold
*Assistance in Life Skills - Help in gathering supplies, buying your items and Production Party % Bonus
* An Active Guild - We have 67 Real Members of those 40 are Active so we have 59% Active Members

About Dango:
Over the past year our little family has grown from the tiny family in open beta to a well established guild of over 40 active members. Everyone in the most part is kind, helpfull and everyone likes to joke around. We consist of members in a wide range of ages (14 to 27+), many different personalities and ethnicities. Over all most of us are casual gamers that mostly just chat while we do life skills while a small few are avid dungeoners. Every once in a while members do leave but that does not mean the guild and the remaining members are dead.

We still live and keep going, together a family till the end.

Guild Stone
The Guild Stone is located West of Dunbarton next to the Party and House Board. I have the named the Guild Stone Billy, it is our pet rock. Billy the pet rock is to bed feed Guild Points Daily or he will starve. Gold is no longer required to be fed.
* The Guild is Level 5 We have room for up to 250 Characters.
* We have 845,915 Guild Points
* 15,617,421 Guild Funds

I want to join Dango 8D?

So you want to Join Dango?

There are a few things you must complete before you are to be let in the guild.

First all of we accept new members via Invation by current members. Without an invitation it takes a bit more work to get in but it is still possible. Once you have been invited you must check that you: meet our requirements, fill out the application, complete the one week trial period and finally get the guild stamp of approval.

A very long process :3 But if being in Dango means a lot to you it is worth it

Steps to Joining Dango

1. Get an invitation from a current Dango Member

2.Do i meet the Requirements?

- Have a character with 100+ culminated lvls (for any race)
- Main character ONLY - We do not want your Mule and/or ALT
- 16+ Years of Age in Real Life (preferably 18+)Depending on certain circumstances we may let some people under 16 in
- ACTIVE - Logging In =/= Active. You must be able to interact with members via: talking in GChat, Guild Runs, Forums, Showing up for Events and Meetings
- Able to work well with others
- Be willing to learn, try out new things and not be afraid
- You must be MATURE
- You must love fun and WEIRD people
- It is crucial that everyone respects each others views and their personality to keep the guild peacefull and drama free.
- Able to tolerate and not get offended by a wide variety of jokes(racism and sexual harassment are NOT tolerated in this guild under any circumstances)
- The following skills at least Rank F: Blacksmithing, Weaving, Tailoring, Potion Making and Production Master. Why? Production Party % Bonus
-High exploration lvl is also recommended

3. Fill Out The Application
I Want To Join Dango - Please note you are required to make an account at our site to even see the thread

4. Inviter Confirmation

5.One Week Trial Period

6.Guild Stamp of Approval

How to contact AnnabelleMarie
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