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1 Ice Burner for 900NX, 10 for 9000NX, and sometimes they sell special packs during big events that give you extra for the same price. (13 for 9000NX I think)

About Combat Rangers and Dark Mages in Underground Garden, normally any skill/combo that does not move you forwards and can hit the boss's head is a good choice. Most classes jump repeatedly on the platform and whack the head, and when have MP use a skill that hits the area directly in front of them.

Although I don't play her much, when I use my Dark Mage on that map, I bring Hell Stone, Lightning Bolt, the Magic Attack Skill Buff, and Mana Shield. Beware that buffs scare them into spewing poison, and so does standing and charging MP. They really hates mages. And to charge MP, you can just spam Z on the stem since it acts like a wall. You can replace whichever skills you don't have/like, but that's the skill set I suggest to bring.

As for Combat Rangers, I deleted mine way before the map was released. But your first job attack skills would probably work better in this case. If you have Arrow Tornado, bring it. It's one of the skills that works best on these three. I think you can just jump on the platform and dive kick for charging MP. The other three skill slots are for you to choose, to handle the mobs before even getting to the boss...
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