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1) Ice thing, you need an Ice Burner to use them. Ice Burners can only be bought in the Cash Shop (aka use real money), and in return it gives you one random item. It can range from several elemental stones to fashion equipment.

2) Everytime you use an Ice Burner with an Ice thing, it gives you one item, and one Ice fragment. These fragments are used for those boxes, or if you collect 100, for the Ice medal. They are worth around 200k-250k in the markets.

3) 4 towns

4) I've never tried those classes before, but the general tip for killing this boss is to first kill one, then reduce the second to have little HP. Then kill off the third one, and run quickly back to the second one to finish it off. This means that it won't have time to go into berserk form.

5) I think it's 10 days.

6) In the inventory menu, theres a button on the bottom right, which a picture of a house. Click on it to open up a shop. By default, you can only sell 3, but if you get a shop upgrade from the Cash Shop, you can sell up to 9.

7) Hover over to the chat log bit, and click on the ? button. A little menu with several options will appear above it, click on the most bottom one (should be white text). This brings up a list of emoticons to use. The top most emoticon is to sit. The second one is to stand up.

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