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Default Some Questions

Got some questions about Elsword, including one that seems kinda stupid.

1. What is this thing used for?

2. Where do you get these crystal things? (It's the highlighted one)

3. How many towns are there? 4? 5? Or more?

4. Any tips on how to beat the boss/dungeon in the image below with a Combat Ranger and a Dark Mage? Yeah, I know I'm a bit underleveled, but I'd like to know some tips when me and the CR are strong enough to go again and not end up kamikazeing. And don't say to just level, I know that much.

5. I probably guessed the answer to this but how long do the job change clothes last? A week? I'd like to figure out so I can go get new clothes for my Exotic before they expire.

6. How do you sell things in the marketplace? Just wondering, in case I find some good item, or something. Need a permit or something?

7. Finally, the stupid one. How do you sit in-game? Like, not while in a dungeon or anything y'know. I saw my friend's character sitting, but I didn't get a chance to ask him and he hasn't been on since then, so I'm just curious.

Those are my questions, can anyone answer them for me, please? I haven't played long enough to know most things yet. Thanks, if you do answer. I searched some of the threads but didn't really find the answers.

Oh, and in your personal opinion, is Combat Ranger better or Sniping Ranger? Haven't started even the Ranger quest yet, but I'm curious what you guys think. It'll help me choose.