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IGN: Light, Yucie
Class: Kanna
Level: 208

This is still a work in progress, if you find out what each of the question marks are, please post them here, so the list can be completed.

Clothing Textures

000 - Nothing Equipped
001 - 1st Degree
002 - 2nd Degree
003 - 3rd Degree
004 - 4th Degree
005 - 5th Degree
006 - 6th Degree
007 - 7th Degree
008 - 8th Degree
009 - 9th Degree
A001 - Bonus 1
A002 - Bonus 2
C000 - Nothing
C001 - Mop (weapon)
C002_a - Tundria Mountain School Uniform Set
C002_b - Ramancha Mercenary School Uniform Set
C003_a - Elbas Etiquette School Uniform Set
C003_b - Teruel Etiquette School Uniform Set
C004 - Self Protection Baseball Hat (weapon, lol)
C005 - Beach Set
C006 - Beach Set (a different one)
C007 - Sporty Set
C008 - Korean Clothing set
C009 - Casual Set
C010 - ????
C011 - Firewood for Campfire (weapon)
C012 - Balog's (weapon)
C013 - Santa Set
C014 - Santa Set (a different one)
C015 - Snowsuit Set
C016 - (animal) Pajama Set
C017 - (untranslated set)
C018 - Romantic Set
C019 - (untranslated set)
C020 - Cat Set
C021 - Angel Set
C022 - Maid Set
C023 - For girls : Pretty/Beautiful/Super Pretty Woman's Set. For Boys : Some names like Scholar (Dainn), Braveman.. etc lol
C024 - Nurse Set
C025 - (untranslated set)
c026 - Beach Set
C027 - Not too sure what you call this, only 2 parts - "Sleeveless Coat" and "Hot Pants"
C028 - Japan Kimono Style Set (everyone)
C029 - Kimono (weapon - Krieg, Dainn, Sieg only)
C030 - Devil's Set
C031 - Rock Spirit's Set (inludes weapon too, the below is probably an alternate weapon)
C032 - Rock Spirit's Microphone Stand (weapon)
C033_a - Old-fashioned School Uniform Set
C033_b - Polished School Uniform set
C034 - Dance Hall Set
C035 - Slime Set
C036 - "Envelope"/Novice Hero's Helmet (head)
C037 - Tiger Skin Pattern Outfit Set
C038 - Small Rat Cooked Up ear (head)
C039 - Rabbichu Cooked Up ear (head)
C040 - (untranslated set)
C041 - (untranslated set)
C042 - (untranslated set)
C043_a - White Cat Set
C043_b - Brown Cat Set
C044 - Alice in wonderland Set
C045 - Wedding set
C046 - Gender Change Set
C049 - Amazon Set
C050 - Another Demon Set?
C052 - Millitary Set
C053 - Another Cat Set
C054 - Secret Agent Set
C055 - Cheerleader Set
C056_a - Blue (untranslated set)
C056_b - Red (untranslated set)
C057_a - Red Dragon Set
C057_b - Gold Dragon Set
E004 - Ancient Kingdom Guardian
P001_a - Aphrodite's Set
P001_b - Athena's Set
P001_c - Hera's Set
R001 - Colbolt Raid Set
R002 - Kanhel Raid Set
R003 - Siren Raid Set
R004 - Pumpkin Raid Set
R005 - Baphomet Raid Set
R007 - Whirlwind Raid Set (Head Only)
R006 - Mandragora Leaf hair accessory (head)
R007 - Whirlwind Spirit's Feather Decoration (head)
R008 - Precision Alloy Machine (weapon)
R009 - Head Chief's Incantational (weapon)
R010 - Ten Millenia Ice Jade/Goddess' Gift for all adventurer (weapon)
R011 - Furious Flame/Eternal Flame Set
R012 - Necromancer Raid Set
R013 - Kirin/Giraffe Raid Set
R014 - Secret Factory Raid Set
Code: - Allm's Logo on start up screen
Apocrypha.tga - Apocrypha's stage map (bonus 1)
Apocrypha2.tga - Apocrypha's 2nd stage map (bonus 2) - Dacy's doll icons (when summoned) - not used - not used
EffectIcon.tga - ??? - Episode 1 Stage Map - Episode 2 Stage Map - Episode 3 Stage Map - Episode 4 Stage Map - Episode 5 Stage Map - Episode 6 Stage Map
FishingImage.tga - Icons of all carp
GameRatingImage.tga - Ratings that appear when Lunia starts up
ItemTuningExplainImage.tga - Grading Image Example - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading
LoadingBackImage_04_02.bmp - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading
LoadingBackImageDacy_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageDacy_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageDainn_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageDainn_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageEir_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageEir_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageIceGirl_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageIceGirl_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageKrieg_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageKrieg_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageLime_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageLime_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageSieg_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageSieg_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageTia_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageTia_02.DDS - not used
LoadingImages.tga - Loading Bar + Key Information
LoadingNoticeImage.tga - not used
LoadingPvPImage.tga - The VS Symbol when loading
LobbyCharacter1.tga - Character Creation Images
LobbyCharacter2.tga - Kali's Character Creation Image
LobbyEvent.tga - not used
LobbyServerSelectImage.tga - Server Selection Images
LobbySource.tga - not used
LobbySource2.tga - Pvp symbol, character rotation arrows
LuniaImageSet1.tga - All of the User Interface (Windows, Buttons, Stage Selection ect.)
LuniaImageSet2.tga - All of the User Interface (Myth Selection, Boss HP, Bottom Icons ect.)
LuniaImageSet3.tga - All of the User Interface (Timer, Stage Images ect.) 
LuniaImageSet4.tga - Family Images, Event and Buttons
LuniaMailBox.tga - Mailbox Envelope Images
LuniaNSmallLogos.tga - Startup Images
LuniaTutorialTipInfoNotice.tga - not used
MissionResult1.tga - Grading and Box Images when Stage Complete
MissionResult2.tga - Text, and Multiplyers - Myth Stage Map
Myth01.tga - Myth Stage Map - Myth Chapter Images (Item) - Startup Images - NPC Images (WeaponShop, Stage Bank (item), Bank, Merchant, Crafting NPCs) - NPC Images (Blacksmith, Grading, Cute Diana (pets), ???) - Background images behind NPC window, and their icons - Party Class Icons
PetControl.tga - All Pet Buttons and Images - ???
PvPImageSet.tga - PvP User Interface
PvPLifeNumberImage - PvP Numbers (blue and red) - PvP background
PvPResultImage.tga - All Result Images
PvPThumNail.tga - Small PvP Images of the Arena
Quest_icon.tga - Little Icons in quests
SlimeRace.tga - Chips, Betting table
SystemOption_Icon.tga - System Option Images

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