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IGN: Light, Yucie
Class: Kanna
Level: 208

Preparing to edit Clothes/Textures/Weapons Ect.

Editing your clothes can be fun, especially if you can't manage to buy the item, or it doesn't exist yet!
Although what you see isn't real, while you see the edit, others see the unedited you.

This won't require too much work, since you will simply be swapping and renaming files, although can be lengthy depending on the items you have.

1. First step, write down all your item's names, Especially if its got a degree.

2. After writing the name, head into the Mappings folder, and into the Characters Folder of the character you wish to edit.
(I will be editing my dacy, My entire set consisits of 5th Degree Guardian Tortoise, and a Quest 5A Cloak, so I go inside the Dacy Folder)

To make things easier, you may search for your items you need if they happen to have a degree.

3. In search fields you would have [Characters Name]_*_005 (For 5th degree)
So I would search Dacy_*_005

The star in between the underscores is important so that you may get the entire set, and not just one file.

Here is a breif list of search terms-

000 - Nothing Equipped
001 - 1st Degree
002 - 2nd Degree
003 - 3rd Degree
004 - 4th Degree
005 - 5th Degree
006 - 6th Degree
007 - 7th Degree
008 - 8th Degree
009 - 9th Degree
R001 - Colbolt Raid Set
R003 - Siren Raid Set
R004 - Pumpkin Raid Set
R005 - Baphomet Raid Set
R012 - Necromancer Raid Set
R013 - Kirin/Giraffe Raid Set
R014 - Secret Factory Raid Set
4. As you find the items you have, copy them into a new file named "backup" so you won't lose them.
When you have all of them copied into your backup file, continue to step 5

5. Now It's time to backup the mesh for the texture.
Head into the Lunia\Animation Folder, and Extract the
It will extract everything except for the password protected stuff, when it prompts for the password simply hit cancel.

6. Go into the extracted Player folder, and have your backup folder open.
To search for the files you need, you would simply copy the name of the texture into the search bar, BUT you must remove the letter at the end. (if it has _a or _b ect.)

7. When you preform the search for all your items, and have all 6 meshes, copy them into the backup folder, and we can begin with the fun stuff!

Editing Clothes/Textures/Weapons Ect.

If you don't have all your items textures and meshes saved, then go back to steps 2 or 5 and redo them.
If you do have a backup of your items files, then we can begin changing them to something else.

Close the backup file, and don't open it unless you want to revert the item back to it's original look.

8. Now here is where the options pour in, you have to decide what you want to have them look like.
To do this you look at the Table of Textures and search for what you desire in the Lunia\Mapping Folder.

9. Just like preparing a backup, search for the files you want and create a "editing" folder to put them in.
This folder will hold your files you will be using to edit you clothes with.

10. Preform the same search in the Lunia\Animation\Player folder, fallowing the same guidelines as before, removing the letter at the end of the textures.
Note: Some Meshes are password protected, I am not able to provide you with the password, sorry for the inconvenience.
If your item does not require a password then you are good to go, if you already know the password, then that's fine too.

11. Once you have all the files in your editing folder, it's time to rename them. (If you forget what your textures or meshes were named, you may look in the backup folder)

After renaming them, it should look somewhat like this.

12. Head into the mapping\[Characters folder] and copy the edited files into it. You will be prompted to overwrite them, Accept.
Then move to the Lunia\Animation Folder and open the file.

13. In here you double click the character file you are editing, click your meshes in your editing folder and drag them into the file. When asked to overwrite, accept.
Close all open files, and start up lunia on the ijji site.

If all went well, you should see your character looking like you want it too.
If your character looks incorrect or "messed up" then post your image in this thread and I can point out ways to fix it.

Head into square, but remember not to brag about it. Only you can view the edit that you preformed, so don't get too excited.

Before and After!

Enjoy your edit!

Special Note for Dacy's and Dainn's - If you want to hide your cloak, Copy Dainn_Support_C000 Texture and mesh and rename it to your support item, your cloak should be invisible!

+Rep if I help you. | Guides: Lunia's Client Editing Guide / How to ggFTW!

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