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NPC Editing + Perfect Cutting/Alpha Layering

[This is also a tutorial for the cutting of images]

Step 1 - Finding the NPC file

In here locate and extract and on your desktop.
Open both to find out which file the NPC you want to edit is in.

Mine is in

Step 2 - Find an image you want to use as the new NPC.
I've found mine, she will become my new fortification bradford

Step 3 - Cutting her from the background
In photoshop you will be selecting the Pen Tool, and making multiple clicks on the outline of the character, starting from the top.

Multiple "Anchors" might be needed to make a more accurate cut. Continue to create them, and after getting so far we will begin our next step.

Step 4 - Shaping the pen around the character
After making 20 Anchors, go to each of the points and hold Ctrl and Click and Hold. Drag the mouse while holding Ctrl and you will notice two lines appear along with the line curving.

Hold Ctrl and Click and drag the "corner" point. Notice that the curve starts to move, this is where you drag the "corner point" until the curved line shapes around the character perfectly.
This takes practice, eventually you will be able to do it very well and quickly. Don't forget you can make changes later if you are not pleased with the result.

Continue to make multiple Anchors and shaping them along the way. If you need to make a new anchor, just click on the line along the path, and hold alt and click to move the anchor.
When you reach the starting anchor be sure you have finished shaping before clicking it. The pen lines will now lock and you will see your end result.


Step 5 - The Cut
Right click the inside of the outline, and click "Make Selection" a window will appear, just hit ok and the outline is complete.
Hit Ctrl+C then Ctrl+N. A window will appear, be sure the Background Contents is set to transparent and click ok.

A new project window will appear, hit Ctrl+V and your perfectly cut character should be pasted into the window.

Save the file as a PNG before continuing!

Step 6 -More cutting
You have the outline of your character cut, but there might be pieces of the previous background still in it like I do.

Using the same method as Step 4, you will remove the pieces of the unwanted background. This time when you are done the outline you hit delete instead of ctrl+C.

Save the file again after satisfactory

Step 7 - Preparing the NPC
Hit Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C, this will copy your character into the clipboard.
Open the or file, then hit Ctrl+V. Your character will be in the npc window.

Move your character into place, and cut off the sides that extend too far. Click the "background" layer and delete the npc you wish to replace.
Click the "layer 1" which should be your character, and use the magic wand tool around your character and into any holes.

Right click and select inverse.


Step 8 - Alpha layering
After you selected your inverse do not click anything.
Go to the channels tab on the right side of photoshop and click Alpha 1.

The outline of your character will be present.
on the top of photoshop go into Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness/Contrast

We will then adjust the brightness and contrast to make the inside of our character white.
It should look like this when done correctly.

It is highly recommended you save this as a psd prior to continuing!

Step 9 - Saving
Click layer and flatten the image, you can now save it as a .dds file.

Be sure the saving is done with these settings!!


Step 10 - Test!
Replace the npc file in the with your new edited one, then log into lunia.
If all went well then you should see your finished result.

Be creative! Use whatever you like!

+Rep if I help you. | Guides: Lunia's Client Editing Guide / How to ggFTW!

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