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Lightbulb Latale Raffle

how to win:
1. go to free market and find the seller for the day
2. buy an item (the more you buy, the bigger the chances)
3. each item will be counted as one ticket
4. if you buy an item, i will see who bought the item
5. i will write down the names of the buyers in the thread
6. i will then wait untill the free market's 24 hour time runs out
7. after the time runs out, i will copy the names and will put it in microsoft excel.
8. i will click the randomizer in microsoft exel and the winner will be chosen with the given situation before starting the raffle.
9. the buyers will be sent a mail through la tale postman notifying who won. ^_^

*with that, goodluck everyone &^_^

**donations will be greatly appreciated and will be used as prize for the next raffle ^_^ (credits will be given)

*** comments and suggestions are welcomed ^_^

**** disclaimer: this is not by how in any form related to OGP contest, this is only for fun and is funded by Buwayak guild for the prizes and cash money gained by the raffle will be funded for the upgrade of the guild and to help newbie members of the guild calculations are as followed:

total earnings:
(ticket) x (buyers) = A
A - winner = B
B - other expenses = total earnings


***** Join Buwayak guild ^_^ PM zdne for application :3

Week 1 winners:

1st prize 150k = BlackPandaXD
2nd prize 100k = xFatal
3rd prize 50k = DiiTa

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