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Jeneral is your worst nightmare!Jeneral is your worst nightmare!Jeneral is your worst nightmare!

Originally Posted by pookie
in any case i do not want to level a lime to 41 just to try it...can anybody else confirm this please?

warning: this guide was made maybe 1-2 years ago. the lime wasnt out in glunia, and even on klunia the major lime patch (where the faces were changed) hadnt taken place yet

after making a lime in the new patch
-rolling thud thud has lost almost all of its invincible frames. it used to be about 2-3 seconds of invincibility
-pang pang lime transforms -A- attack can now double hit and can pierce (before it would stop as soon as it touched an object). this attack is now better than the S attack (homing limes)
-biki lime can now stunlock monsters (before the second attack after the first would miss, making it completely useless to hit a over and over again)
-i dont think freezing lime shung uses any more Jelly Jellys
-now that limes have so much hp with the new gear, hp regeneration is optional
-please take this guide with a grain of salt...before i said u should use sticky jelly and wiggling jelly whenever cd is done, but now that stages are so easy u dont have to use any of them ever
I'll help you expand this

All Baby Summons don't require jellies anymore
Pyo's invinci frames were switched from like the last half to the first half now
HP and MP pot were slightly decreased in how much they heal
Lime now has buffs stack on it (kowabunga doesn't get rid of them anymore)

I can't think of any more so I'll write back later