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I just recently came back to LaTale after being away for nearly a year, those who were with me at the beginning know me by the name "Azusa".

I've been looking to get back into the game, and was contemplating my available options for a while when a friend piped up and said she didn't play anymore, so I'm taking care of her account now.

I'm a 105 Crossbow Treasure Hunter, looking for active people who are around my level (grinding partners?), below my level (Bards?) and above my level (I dunno, am I worthy?!) as I really just hate soloing and get disheartened very quickly if there is nobody around to talk to and play with.

My IGN is yaeka, I'm on from 16:00 (4 PM) till as late as 00:00 (12 AM) EST from Tues-Fri, Sat-Mon is uncertain but I'll be on very very often.

If you're interested, please whisper me in-game and let me know you're from MOG so I don't ignore you thinking you're one of those random people asking me if I'd like to bend over for them.

Thanks, hope to see you all in-game~

EDIT: Oh yeah, don't be afraid to drop me a line even if you're not someone I could party with, I'm always happy to have nice people to chat with while playing~
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