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in any case i do not want to level a lime to 41 just to try it...can anybody else confirm this please?

warning: this guide was made maybe 1-2 years ago. the lime wasnt out in glunia, and even on klunia the major lime patch (where the faces were changed) hadnt taken place yet

after making a lime in the new patch
-rolling thud thud has lost almost all of its invincible frames. it used to be about 2-3 seconds of invincibility
-pang pang lime transforms -A- attack can now double hit and can pierce (before it would stop as soon as it touched an object). this attack is now better than the S attack (homing limes)
-biki lime can now stunlock monsters (before the second attack after the first would miss, making it completely useless to hit a over and over again)
-i dont think freezing lime shung uses any more Jelly Jellys
-now that limes have so much hp with the new gear, hp regeneration is optional
-please take this guide with a grain of salt...before i said u should use sticky jelly and wiggling jelly whenever cd is done, but now that stages are so easy u dont have to use any of them ever
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