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Default Farewell

I'm quitting Lunia. I know that 95% of Lunia's population doesn't even know who I am, but I've decided to post here anyways. I quit for mostly obvious reasons, the imbalance of pvp, the bore(to me) of staging, the small community... The number one reason I'm leaving is that I need to quit playing so much and go get a life, job, etc. To my friends: It was fun. I'll still be on MSN and AIM fairly often. Good luck to all the PvPers.

From now on when any of my chars log on, it will be NeverEnd / d4rka2nkn1ght19 playing on my account. You might be able to find me on Starcraft @uswest & @useast on the user name "The.Light".

Much love ^^
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