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Not bad for a DJ max clone. The main aspect of it for me was that it was online, free, and constantly updated.

So far, I think the song selection is decent. Some you like, some you don't. You need to do a 1 time download for songs to play them, as the install only comes with a handful.

Songs have a certain play limit on each of them, by default 3. You can increase the limit by leveling or something. You get ____ limit play each day, and it resets every day.

There is no form of fever that I know of.

Oh also, DJ Max experience hardly helps (Unless you played trilogy or DJ max online). The keyboard feel and play is just so different, in a way that negates your experience on the PSP. Probably just takes some getting use to. In contrast, I could 8B songs in DJ Max and max combo a majority (If not all) of the 4/5B songs with some of 6, but here, I can't max out some low level 4B songs currently.