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theSinned is a jewel in the roughtheSinned is a jewel in the roughtheSinned is a jewel in the rough

True Amplified Rail Gun
What it does - Shoot 2 Piercing Dragging Beams

*Main difference is that it shoots 2 beams instead of 1
*Usually hits more times on things that don't drag along with it
*Possible to cancel after first beam
*Shining type
*May hit more times on normal things (i got 17 hits on a crow at point blank but the extra 2 may've been the crow trying to walk back)
*25s Cooldown

Lv1- 14~16 x Hit
Lv11- 250~278 x Hit

Stage- 1,Max (For staging, another ARG is always nice to have. Either for damage, defensive use or just to have it)
PvP - 0,1 (Don't really need this for PvP, one point might help for staging and RB on rooms but maxed seems more stage/hybrid imo)
Hybrid- 0,1,Max (Depends on user preference on this one, as having another ARG is always helpful but the points can also go elsewhere)

True Impartial Shot[IMG]
What it does - Does a ground Impartial shot then a normal one
***Requires lv50, atleast 1 rebirth and lv90 total

*Ground spin is about a 720 (2 full circles) then it jumps up for the normal one
*During ground spin, drags enemy to where you're facing (if you're behind enemy, it shoots them till they're infront of you)
*Theres a slight delay going from ground spin to jump spin
*28 Bullets shot
*20s CD

*****Video I made of it

Lv1 - 161~179 x Hit
Lv5 (Max) - 247~275 x Hit

Stage- 1,Max (Very good damage with AoE)
PvP - 0,1,Max (PvP varies because people usually play with RB off but this is still helpful to have at 1 point)
Hybrid- 0,1,Max (Depending on play style but i really recommended getting atleast 1 point into this for its uses)

Finishing Notes
Ryan probably has the most straightfoward skills unlike Dacy and a bit of Yuki
Most of his things are self explanitory and obvious too.
Theres almost very little difference in PvP and Stage builds as Ryan has mostly AoE skills
I'll add in or change anything as I see needed from comments and skill changes. But this is pretty much it.


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