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IGN: Aleeex
Class: Mage/Gunner lt_gunslinger
Level: 20
Guild: AkatSuki

I'm a 20-ish acrobat with Yo-yo
started with Bow, resigned to Yo-yo, because of their ability to keep monsters away (they move back monsters with every blow)
and I hated the range and damage of every bow I tested... you must be so near that the monster reaches you when it only has lost half its life... FAIL
and I refuse to fight slow low-lvl monsters just to wield a bow...
My personal collection of creatures

Leenalia (sorry that you accidentally became a male )

Other creatures

Currently halting all attempts at raising more dragons due to full quota of dead hatchlings
(Already have more than 10 dead'uns, don't want more)

Focusing on keeping my sanity.
Insanity progress paused at four "me"