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Originally Posted by CujoEX
Bring Your Friends! - Join the Chase, Save the World! - Grandchase

Grand Chase is holding a referral event and it requires at least 12 referrals to obtain a pet. Just by joining and adding someone into the referral, you'll be eligible for prizes listed in the link above.

If anyone would like to help me, simply add CujoEX during the Grand Chase registration and play at least 70 minutes in one day between 6/3~6/23 and you'll receive the prize 45 minutes after the affiliation has been made. Keep in mind that some of the items mentioned in the website are Cash Shop items as well, so it's a good start for new players.

If you're a returning player, feel free to help me out too. Thanks in advanced!
Dude, I just read, I think that the returning player guardian isn't timed, from what I read.
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