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Originally Posted by WhatThePhuc
Room of Ordeal (Rock Room)
if you are teleported to the rock room, you need to dodge rocks rolling downward
if you die, everyone in the party loses a life
the best place to dodge rocks would be the right side
the same pattern goes down over and over
i'll make a video later, cuz if you see it visually, it'll make alot more sense
Oh, you gave out the tip so soon >:l
You can basically stand anywhere actually, including mid, if you take note of the time the rocks fall. Its always the same pattern.

Originally Posted by WhatThePhuc
Fighting Talman King
don't be fooled
he is long range
don't close range him
attack from far away as possible
if he jumps into the air, he's about to body slam you and ohko
if you're a dacy, i guess you can use an invinc. frame when you see him jump into the air
I've seen sieg that are able to time the attack, sneak in for some melee and dash out perfectly. But its ( this dude .