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AmorAsen is on a distinguished road
IGN: ElementAsen
Class: Wind Mage lt_mage
Level: 61
Guild: FrenchBread<3

LaTale IGN(s): ElementAsen
Real Name: Azel (badass, I know)
Nicknames: Asen.
Birthday: Dec. 28th
Hobbies: Studying the psychology, the occult, and preparing myself for basic training.
Timezone/Place: Central -_-;
Favourites: ZOMGILUVEMUSIC. Indie and folk are my absolute favorites.
Dreams/ Future Goals: I wanna be able to achieve things ordinary people can't, things far out of reach of normal reality.
Bio/ Other things about you: I am leaving for Basic Training (boot camp) August 18th so I want to get as high as I possibly can before that.

I watch u when u sleep at night ._.