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Originally Posted by Gladiat
Lets see... 0.1 x 0.24 = 0.024. 0.1 - 0.24 = 0.076.

If the CD becomes 0.076 seconds, then it becomes 13.15 shots per second. Now the damage goes crazy =/

Lets say your Anti-Air arrow does 500 per hit. Without attack speed buff it is 10 per second. 500 x 10 is 5000 damage. 500 x 13.15 = 6575 damage. And this is only in 1 second. If you had to fire for 5 seconds, then it would become:

5000 x 5 = 25000
6575 x 5 = 32875

Hax damage =/

It's basically OHKO in PvP if you're using a controller with turbo, or you're using Z on a keyboard with no lag (Like me =P)
It won't do 500 damage until you're like lvl 60 xD
And at that point, you do a lot more damage :]

Originally Posted by Gladiat
Arrow Shower + Rocket Launcher is basically a 50+ hit combo =/

But holy crap Arrow Shower is so noisy when you land full crits.

BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BAM! X_X parents told me to turn volume down when it was at 5 (Can't hear music if it's lower than this lol)
50+ AFAIK RL only does 1 hit. AS however does quite the amount of hits which is nice @_@