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Originally Posted by Raja
Mmmm, it's been so long since I played the 'Too full 4 joo' game. How fun :3

And o: Epic contribution for a level one. *Claps hands.* I am impressed!
I guess not impressed enough to respond to the PM I sent you 3 months ago(sad face)

Where's my KmK welcome package? I feel like a left out Larry on here. Unless you really are going to make me do that app thing even though you guys told me how it's a big work. Maybe I have to realize I'm not special anymore...Vare sad right now

I just need more mods with self-esteem issues to come after me and the cycle of bad will be complete.

Also Inb4 "The only one I see here with a self-esteem issue is U" (Yes I saw that coming)

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