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Sorry guys I updated so little but I got to finish this project today ^^ So i'll own you guys some more xD

Brandon runs after Tira trying to help her out, but on the way guards crosses Brandons path
Brandon: Get out of my way!
Guard 1: You stop here!
Guard 2: Sir he’s not stoping!
Guard 3: What do we do?!
Brandon: Dark Vengeance!
Suddenly darkness came out of no where and blinds the guards
Guard 1: Where are you!
Guard 2: AHHH!!
Guard 1: Stand your ground!
Guard 3: *Silent* ahh!
Guard 1: Hey! Where did you guys go! *Holding his sword while shaking*
Brandon: *Puts his hand over his shoulder*
Guard 1: *Looks back* AHhh!!! *Runs*
Brandon: OK onwards!
Brandon then reaches a big room where he found Tira
Tira: Go away! You can’t take my sister away
Brandon: Tira… please listen to me.
Tira: Noo! *points a knife at Brandon*
Brandon: please… you’re being controlled by that spell
Tira: You’re a liar! Yoshi would never control me!
Brandon: Tell me this then… Did Yoshi control Amy? DID He?
Tira: I don’t know *scared* He wanted to get Amy to remember because She didn’t remember us *sad*
Brandon: Tira….. It’s not like she forgotten about you guys.
Tira: Yes she did! Until Bika gave her that potion she remembered us again!
Brandon: Yes, but she’s forgotten about us from the other world.
Tira: SOO! Why do you guys care about Amy anyways? She’s my sister!
Brandon: Are you kidding me!? She’s our friend and we stick together! And plus…
Tira: You guys still shouldn’t have tried to take her away.
Brandon: Yoshi was the one who took her away from us.
Tira: But if she hadn’t lost her memories she wouldn’t even want to meet you guys.
Brandon: Noo…. If she hadn’t lost her memories, she would have remembered she doesn’t want to be engaged.
Tira: Lies! She always obeyed her father!
Brandon: Your father told us the story about Star. But there’s something that’s bothering me.
Tira: What?!
Brandon: How would a tornado suddenly take Star away? Unless she wished for it
Tira: She wouldn’t wish for it!
Brandon: If she truly is the Star from before, why doesn’t she seem happy?
Tira: Off course she’s happy. Yoshi is a great prince and soon going to be the best King!
Brandon: Are you joking?! Do you know what’s going on out there? Everyone is poor, starving, struggling to survive from the soldiers. Does the king do anything?
Tira: He’s just protecting the kingdom from Blue’s terrain.
Brandon: No! you have it the other way. Yoshi’s doesn’t care about guys. When he actually becomes King he will just satisfy himself again. Nothing will change. Amy probably knew that from when she met Yoshi.
Tira: Stop calling her Amy! *Throws the knife but misses* She’s my sister Star!
Brandon: Star is Amy which means we shouldn’t even try to let her remember just one memory of her life. Off course I want her to remember her memories of Star and when she’s with us!
Tira: Why? Why do you care so much for Star? Even though she rejected you, why don’t you go home!?
Brandon: She’s being controlled of course, I need to save her!
Tira: No not that! Why do you risk so much to rescue her? Yoshi is powerful and you are no match for him. Why?
Brandon: Because….. I love her
Tira: *Thinking back to her childhood*

Star: Yoshi is sweet and nice but I always wanted to marry with true love Mochi!
Tira: But you are engaged with him! You can’t do that!
Star: I know, but Yoshi looks like someone who only wants to rule and he may like to play with me but he will always be busy ruling.
Tira: But Star…
Star: I want to marry someone that I love my entire life… If Yoshi is always busy we won’t see each other a lot.
Tira: Star…
Star: So promise me Tira that you will marry someone you truly love.
Tira: Ok….

Back to the present
Tira: So you truly love Star?
Brandon: Yes.. I loved her ever since I met her when we were little.
Tira: That’s what she wanted all along…. To live freely and have fun… And I didn’t even realize that.
Brandon: Tira..
Tira: I always thought she wanted to marry Yoshi but she only wanted to explore and find true love. You must be him.
Brandon: So please Tira…. Can you help me? Where is Star?
Tira: Even I don’t know where she is… But I think she might be there! Come on lets find my sister!
Brandon: Thanks Tira… You really are a good sister.
Tira: Just call me Mochi *smiles*

To be continued
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