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Default Anyone coming to Dragonica?

anyone coming to dragonica? when I'm back I'll be playing Dragonica on IAHGames, hopefully we can make a guild there, depends if we get many members, Dragonica is opening OBT and there will be no player wipe during that time, or actually idk, there's no official announcement yet but someone said, or well it seems a lot of ppl says that there will be no player wipe during OBT, so we can all start there, maybe, let's first make sure there will be no wipe tho, if there is then lol, we just mess around or w/e

I actually can't wait, but in my current situation well, I'm forced to wait, and not only that, there's no announcements of to when it's OBT going released, so well, LOL nothing to do for now, so for at least when it's open, who's coming?

hope we can make a list, I'm obviously coming, my IGNs there are Crypt, Enissa and Virth, and yes Enissa's really cute, isn't she? ^^, I can see I didn't make everyone happy tho, feets :/, oh well, she's cute anyway ^^

lol back on topic, who's coming to Dragonica? lol, I might not be able to start immediately but I'll do my best for it, about the guild, up to Yuki if she accepts, or we could surprise her <.< XD, let's just see what we can do lol

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