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Date of Absense: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 until further notice
Reason: Windows Vista

maybe I was playing on that random thread, but well things didn't go as expected <.< ouch - dead windows, was forced to reformat, and to make it I didn't make proper backups before reformatting, losing some stuffs, tho not important really, it really pissed me off

I'll not be back until I have a fully working windows and activated, actually I might take some time to come back, but I'll take my time, I got a busy weekend ahead too, so let's say I don't really have the time, and yes I've re-installed windows like 3 times now, I'll not say anything further about what happens as I'll violate MMOG rules if I do, but please keep in mind I'm in no position to promote any of such activity, this just went boom on me, lol not what I expected, nothing worked on this :/, and still doesn't work, actually I hate microsoft for this ._., why do they put activation technology on their OS while their OS is used literally by everyone? maybe they should make it free and sell the software components for a price if they want to, but really, the essencial stuffs shouldn't had this kind of stuff, well, nothing I can do, actually nothing we can do lol, but wow ... didn't expect all I had to back fire on me ._., I was expecting to make the fun I want and surprise LOL -- failed D:, oh well - "Game Over."

so yea, I'll take a while to be back, I tried a different version of windows, but it runs too slow here because I have to disable SATA Native mode, and it happens that the compatibility mode is wayyy toooo sloowww ._., bah got me pissed off immediately :/, oh well, what's next? nothing I can do <.<

actually, I'm going to the other home now, since I actually have nothing much I can do here for now, I'll just be pissing myself off and bored around lol, reinstall for what? another 30 days? no thanks, I prefer to lose it rather than do things and lose them all again, I didn't really lose them all but I still lost some stuffs I wanted, tho not really important, I wanted to keep them ._., I didn't backup properly due to me wanting to come back as quickly as possible - failed

maybe I'll reinstall when I'm back, and yes, I'm on a freshly installed Windows Vista here lol, not doing anything tho, only this and some PMs and w/e lol, I'll be back soon, this is just bad timing

ps. I want to play Dragonica! I WANT DRAGONICA! D: please wait for me lol, with what I see it's going into a june release now, so nothing much I can do to advance

edit: wtf? this wasn't meant to be a long post o.o, what's up with me and the posts today? @.@ ok lol, maybe it's just me on a low resolution display <.<

edt2: I forgot to mention, I finished finals too, so I got whole summer after this!, hope we can play on a game all together soon, I'm willing to go Dragonica, anyone coming with me? I;ll make another thread for this lol -

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