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Originally Posted by VorpalBunny
After arguing that the past is the past, she wanted to show that the modern church is no longer what it used to be. This was hardly a valid argument, as Thomas More, one of William Tyndale's lead prosecutors, and overall Catholic attack dog, was declared as a Patron Saint of Statesmen and Politicians by Pope John Paul II in 2000.
Thomas More wasn't an overall Catholic attack dog. Last time I read, wasn't he a Roman Catholic? o.O

I was recently approached by Christian promoters. One of them talked to me, obviously subtly hinting that i should join them. I shook them off subtly , but you could hear people laughing at them for promoting. Sure they may seem weird, but i wouldn't laugh at a disabled person just cause their weird.

Though i will lol at one of their questions:

"Have you ever wondered why so many people in this world are christian?"

It's cause many people are - insert your own thought's here-