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Originally Posted by SilentSaber
I bet she has tenure, too. ugh. Public schools do that. I had this kind of teacher too, though it was for middle school, so it didn't matter as much. First words: "I'm just here so I can put it on my resume." It all went downhill from there. Good luck on your paper.

on a side note, I'd say, if your parents are willing to phone in to excuse you from the last day of school, not going to the last day of school is actually the best last day of school.
This was my last year in Middle School. `-` So yeah, it doesn't really matter much in terms of my future, but it's still a pain to deal with a person like this at any time in your life. You know they're wrong, but you can't say anything about it because they have the authority.

I would've just not come in, but I didn't think that all of this would happen on the last day(obviously).