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Originally Posted by xKakashi
I think about how it would change the people I know and the people I wanted to know. I want to know if there is a "beyond". Sometimes I really WANT to know if there really is a beyond D=

I find that death is a curious and sad time. The fact that you'll never see them.. you'll never know them better, but you want to know.. what is gonna happen now? What will happen to them, me, you, and the rest of the world?

In my opinion, every death changes the world, weather it be 1 second of difference or a revolution worthy of difference. These questions make me thing, what would happen if I die and sometimes I really feel curious about what would happen if I die. I think about the fact that if I kill myself there would be no stress or anything, so sometimes I think about the plus of that.
I have thought similarly with what s/he said... I just wanted to see if there actually WAS a beyond and if I could haunt my bullies

I have already found out who would be sad IF I killed myself
  • Mom and Dad (it is their job :P)
  • Sis (half heartly, she has wanted me dead many times)
  • Friends (3 of them)
  • close friends (Megan, Monica and Fanny)
that is all... not so much...
still, I was too scared to do it... "what would happen if it failed, I would NEVER get another chance"...
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