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Default What the hell.

Today was the last day of school. Supposed to be the most non-stressful and memorable day of the school year, right? Well, mine wasn't. To start off, we were told we were going to be doing things inside all day with our friends, but they decided to make us stay outside in hot and humid weather. When we had lunch, the food was stale and we had very little time to eat. We were originally told that we were going to have ice cream and things like that, but I guess not.

But the grueling day outside is incredibly minor compared to this next thing.

Through the whole year, my English & reading teacher has been a pain in my ass. She's so incredibly bad at teaching it's laughable. When she talks to you, in casual of formal conversation, she will try to use as many complicated words as she can in order to make herself sound smarter. As if her awful teaching wasn't bad enough, she is terrible about putting in grades. If you take a test, it could be a week or more until you finally get a grade on it, and another week until you get it handed back. When we got our report cards for the middle of the semester, I had a D and an F in her classes. Why? There were about 2 assignments in both English and Reading. One was a test we were supposed to get a perfect grade on because it was a "participation grade", which brought me down a few letter grades considering I got an 11/25. Topping that, she uses "I'm a single mom with 3 kids going to college again to get my Doctoral Degree" as an excuse for about everything. We also get to hear how fabulous her kids are, her Sophomore daughter that gets straight A's and her two sons who play sports and are perfect little angels.

Don't think that's all. She's incredibly irresponsible, she is always late to school and is constantly losing assignments. But no, it's not her fault if she loses anything, it's yours. And it's not her fault she was 2 hours late to school, it was her kids'. There's a ton of things on top of that, but I won't make this a huge wall of text. The one thing that happened today is more stressful and incredibly dumb than everything else, though.

Like I said, today was the last day of school. I happen to find teacher outside and she takes me inside to talk about my Research Paper I needed done. The previous week I had been out for 3 days with Pink Eye, and right when I got back we had an all-day field trip, so I had not been able to turn in my rough draft until Friday. She decides to be an incredible ass and, instead of just accepting the damned rough draft as my final one, insists that I do a final one instead. Okay, whatever. We had a 3 day weekend that I could get it done on. So I tell her that she could give me revisions on it and give it back to me at the end of the period. Guess what? She didn't give it back at the end of the period. I didn't realize this until after I got home, on account of we had lunch and graduation practice right after. So when she came inside, I was hoping that she would just give me the revisions I needed to do and my final draft to turn in tomorrow. Wrong. What happened?


We had a folder to keep all of our things in. Our research, our paper, everything. She goes and loses it. She looks through her whole room and tries to find it, and can't find it. What could make this worse? "Well you must've not given it to me, because there is no way that I have misplaced it or put it somewhere else."


Of course there's a goddamned chance you misplaced it, you have been doing it through the whole year.

After a long discussion of how it's not her fault, I now have to send the rough draft to her by email, she sends me what I need to do, and I send her a final draft. All while I'm supposed to be enjoying the release from school and all of it's stress.

Although, there is something worse about this.

The highest grade I can get is a ****ing B. And that's if everything is perfect.

Why? Well, she lost my whole damned folder containing all of my notes and research, which is about 20 points of the grade. So there's a very slim chance of me passing the class, factoring in that she probably only has 3 other grades in for me, which I most likely did awful on.

I'll end this here, maybe I'll add more later.

tl;dr: Last day of school sucked